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Wild Hog Vineyard Current Releases

Welcome to Winter 2019

We had a good harvest/crush for 2019. 

Wild Hog Vineyard made it through the fires with no damage. We were about 40 miles from the nearest burn. 
The fruit had all been picked, the fermentation tanks were empty, the wine was in barrels and safely inside. 

We have some great wines for celebration or everyday drinking.

We received some wine back from a distributor who went belly up. While these are a bit older than our regular wines, we have tried all of them and they are still drinking well. We will offer a “special” price on these wines, $250 a case plus shipping. Mix and match or whole cases.

The older wines:

2011 Saralee’s Vineyard Pinot Noir

For many years, Saralee’s Pinot Noir was our most popular wine. People still ask for it!

2013 Estate Bottled Pinot Noir

This wine is still on our wine table in the kitchen. We regularly have it for dinner.

2012 Lost Creek Pinot Noir

This was and still is one of Marion’s favorite wines.

2012 Nova Vineyard Petite Sirah
2011 Nova Vineyard Petite Sirah

Our Petite Sirah really holds up well with age. We did a back‑to‑back tasting of these two wines the other night and they are excellent.

Here are our current releases:

2014 Estate Bottled Pinot Noir      Fort Ross-Seaview

From our 37 year old certified organic vineyard five miles from the ocean in the hills above Fort Ross.
2014 was another good year for our grapes.
This vintage is full bodied, smooth and rich. It has deep dark fruit and a bright nose. Good right out of the bottle.
If you can let it breathe for an hour or more, the wine really opens up to become smooth and round.
14% Alcohol       527 cases were produced

2014 Estate Bottled Zinfandel      Fort Ross-Seaview

From our 37 year old certified organic vineyard five miles from the ocean in the hills above Fort Ross.
Smooth. Rich and full bodied. Warm. Friendly with a spicy long finish.
15% Alcohol        376 cases were produced

2015  Estate Bottled Syrah          Fort Ross-Seaview

From our 37 year old certified organic vineyard five miles from the ocean in the hills above Fort Ross. This small block of Sryah always produces a lovely wine. This vintage has a nose of clean forest floor.
Deep dark fruit and firm tannins. 
With and hour or more of breathing you see more of the round and smooth flavors of this wine.
15.5 % Alcohol  52 cases were produced

2014 Carolyn’s Vineyard Syrah    Fort Ross-Seaview

This is a BIG Syrah. Absolutely delicious and delightful. Deep color, dark cherries. Savory spice and black pepper on the nose. Rich and supple. Full bodied.
14% Alcohol     62 cases were produced

2014 Eaglepoint Grenache     Mendocino County

This is our first Grenache from Eaglepoint Ranch. It is from Mendocino County and is organically farmed. A full bodied wine with great structure, black cherry, and well balanced.
14.5% Alcohol    320 cases were produced

2014 Nova Sangiovese          Dunnigan Hills

This is a medium bodied, smooth, rich wine. This vintage shows the depth and complexity this vineyard is capable of. 
A joy to drink.
15.5% Alcohol    176 cases were produced

2013 Lost Creek Pinot Noir  Yorkville Highlands

Medium body. Bright fruit. Subtle finish and oak.
Great food wine to complement all dishes.
14% Alcohol     345 cases were produced

2014 Nova Zinfandel  Lake County

The Nova Zin has always been a big, rich and smooth Zin. Very old vines, certified organic fruit, and good growing practices provide us with the great fruit to make this delightful wine.
15%  Alcohol    348 cases were produced

2015 Montepulciano    Dunnigan Hills

From the montepulciano grape.
This wine is a favorite, and always fun to share. 
Hint of Santa Rosa Plums on the nose. Nice structure. Big mid palate fruit and tannins. Long, lingering finish.
14.5% Alcohol     157 cases were produced

2015 Wild Hog Red    Dunnigan Hills

The last time we made a Wild Hog Red was in 1990.
This wine is a Rhone blend consisting of Syrah, Grenache, and Mouvedre.
Nice structure and body. Good fruit. Soft finish.
14% alcohol        305 cases were produced

2013 Nova Petite Sirah Dunnigan Hills

Another big Petite Sirah. Full bodied, and rich if allowed to breathe for a bit. Deep dark fruit, and a long rich finish.
15% Alcohol   175 cases were produced

All of the wines are drinking well right now. Please remember to let these wines breathe a bit. They will open up if given a chance.

We are happy to mix and match cases. And we are still offering our mixed case special. 

For $275, plus shipping, we will give you one bottle EACH of twelve different wines.

 We do this to give you the opportunity to try all of our wines.

For pricing and ordering information, please contact:

Daniel or Marion Schoenfeld


Wild Hog Vineyard
P.O. Box 189
Cazadero, CA 95421

(707) 847-3687

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